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You are either in or out…

You can’t say you are in and act like you are not
Actions count not just the words
If you are not ready for commitments why wake up someone else’s feelings and leave them in a lurch?
Why put someone else through pain?
You said you wanted to be with them
Some of you even stressed so hard to get that person.. so why mess it up? Why waste someone else’s precious time? It doesn’t make sense
Make your position clear & stop the confusion.

There are people out there like you who want no strings attached (although sometimes even if you find people like this, one person ends up falling for the other or both falling for each other), why not go after them and leave people who dont want that alone
Like really, how hard can that be???
To be fair, at one point or the other we might have strung people along making them think we’ll stay… you are allowed once, twice or even thrice bt making it a trend is a NO NO
We all have our issues/stories, which makes us lead a certain way of life or choose a certain path which sometimes involve revenge in our journeys (Think about it, what has that really solved?)
Don’t mess up other people’s feelings cos you don’t know what you are doing with yours..
I might not know a lot of things but trust me, i know that Karma can be a mean bitch.
It sneaks up unexpectedly,
Especially when you aren’t ready to pay ur dues.

With love from Ola💋xoxo


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