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Dear Beauty,

Tell me, when will you learn that the way to success does not have to be through the pathway in between your legs.
Have you heard of the word creativity or learning to do new reasonable things to make you successful?
If you don’t know or can’t remember, let me remind you “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.
You are allowed to make mistakes. Failure once or twice doesn’t mean there are no possibilities of you achieving something in life.
Great people didn’t get things right at their first go and they sure didnt get to where they are now by quitting.
Yes, we all have our stories..the good, bad and ugly..certain circumstances which might have made us go for the wrong choices.
Skeletons in cupboards (No one is a saint)… Not a big deal
You can turn things around & dump those silly excuses you have a strong attachment to! LET THEM GO!!
You can be a beauty with brains For some its just a form of decoration

It makes you more attractive.
Pick a book, learn something new and if you don’t like reading i’m sure there’s a whole lotta things to do that doesn’t involve riding on something you are not meant to ride on.
A pretty face isn’t everything.
What will you have to hold on to when the beauty fades?
What do you want to be remembered for?
You are your own boss, build yourself and help yourself grow.
You’d love the results.
Don’t underestimate yourself or your abilities.
YOU can be anything you want/wish to be. 
You can be a lot more,
If only you don’t stop trying. 
You are who you choose to be.

P.S. : This is one person’s point of view.. it’s a free world, so u can choose to agree or disagree.

With Love from Ola💋 xoxo