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The mail comes in or you get a phone call
Your heart beats faster
You hesitate,
To open or not to open
To pick up or not
Knowing the outcome is really important
So you open or you pick up
The mail reads or the caller says “…We are happy to inform you that…”
A smile spreads across your face slowly
It seems so surreal
You repeat the word ‘finally’
Once, twice or more
You even lose count but it doesn’t matter
At least for now the hunt is over in the forest of jobs.
You close your eyes and take it all in.
You hear your name
Or maybe it wasn’t what you heard
Probably your alarm
But it brings you back
You open your eyes
The notification light blinks from your phone
You reach for it
It’s an email
You open it without hesitation,
It reads;
“Thank you for applying but unfortunately…”
You do not finish reading ‘cos you are accustomed to such emails
Normally your chest would constrict and your stomach would do a double kick
You’d feel like you just had a pot of various emotions
You’d think about everything that’s wrong with your life
But this time, you feel nothing
You close your eyes and whisper
“I’ll try again”
The hunt continues,
In the frustrating forest of jobs
All for a decent means of livelihood.

Muhsinat Kamardeen