Happiness comes from WITHIN, not from PEOPLE


One of the vital things in life. A priceless treasure which I believe you should own and shouldn’t let out of your sight or let anyone steal from you. It comes from within and not from people
Never put the key of your happiness in some fool’s pocket ‘cos they might lose it.
Never believe you can’t be happy without someone ‘cos that sort of thinking will mess up your state of mind. People change like seasons for reasons we don’t understand, they walk away, come and go. That is life. The question is; Are you gonna kip letting people steal every bit of ur happiness? Leaving you empty?
I mean, you should be happy with or without certain people. Don’t give them that power of control over you (You are not a robot or tv that needs controlling!)
Appreciate the ones who make you happy forget the ones who don’t. Thinking about why x or y left your life won’t solve anything, all it does is kill the joy in you. You don’t need that sorta negativity.
Some people have this idea stuck in their heads that without someone they can’t live or be happy trust me I understand that feeling but to the hell with that!

People are gonna walk all over you if you keep thinking like that (you are no foot-mat!) and might even threaten you. Save your happiness and stop investing them in people who don’t value it because your investment without returns will leave you with nothing.
If you put your key of happiness in some1’s pocket and they decide to throw it away because they don’t feel its important, its your fault. Why would you give them the damn keys in the first place anyway?! We all make mistakes at certain points in our lives but remember they say “once bitten twice shy” so when it getting to twice/thrice bitten, something is wrong. Digging and searching for what you should have held close isn’t what you want. Trust me.
For those who believe that they can’t be truly happy until their heart is fixed by that imaginary mechanic, be your own goddamn mechanic. Fix the damn heart yourself!!! and be Happy!!
They say sometimes you have to learn to be your own hero. People won’t be there for you all the time! (Deal with it!.. This is real life and not a happily-ever-after story!)
Refusing to let go of certain things quickly can be damaging.
For some of us, one of our utmost regrets in life is wasting so much time holding on to people/things that we thought will make us happy for a very long time and thinking without them we can’t be truly happy or complete.
We were wrong.
You’d never realise how sweet happiness is till you taste the bitterness of sadness.
Your happiness my dear, is priceless. If misplaced no market in the world can sell you a replacement.

With love from Ola💋xoxo


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