I was looking online the other day, and came across the story of girl who was slashed across her face and some parts of her body by two demon sisters because she was beautiful and their aim was to make her look like “chucky” the evil doll from a horror movie.

Like seriously?! How can people be so evil? I know this is not the first time someone is doing this sort of thing but people need to stop. Last year it was acid stories and i’m sure there is still more to come, but is all these really necessary?
Do you actually think destroying someone else’s life or disfiguring them would make you or your life more beautiful? How do you even sleep at night for God’s sake???
Blowing out other people’s candle lights thinking that way, yours would shine brighter. I really applaud your logic. We’ll see how far that takes you.
You wreck people secretly/openly because you are discontented with your life and jealous of how far they have gone /how well they are doing/how beautiful they look/how people admire them and look up to them. I just don’t understand how people think bringing down others would make their lives any better.
As for those demon sisters, I do not know what they look like but

I doubt they are as ugly as monsters for them to feel so bad about themselves to the extent of making a fellow human look like something from a horror story. And what if you look like Frankenstein?? How is that anyone’s fault? Why take out your frustration on others? You might not be the prettiest thing in the world but can still be admired for other things!!!
You go around disfiguring people and teaching them lessons but you do not think for a second that you could be hit by a car or get into a serious accident that would make you disfigured for life and render you useless to yourself/society.
Jealousy made you ruin your so called family/friend/fellow human. You planned her rape, found ways to bring him/her down when he/she was getting to a higher position, made up false stories about him/her.
You can’t see tomorrow yet you destroy so much today.
The ones you tried to bring down/the ones you plotted against might fall at some point but never believe for once it was by your will or power. Gloat while you can over their miseries, they will definitely recover and probably do better than before.
Where does that leave you?
The same place you were when you started plotting and as you carried on, you never really moved from one spot in your life because you are/were too busy focusing on every step others took in theirs. Face your life and get better!
It’s stale gist that the world is an evil place but some things are just not right. Life is never that serious!!
Chill people!!

With love from Ola💋xoxo


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