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2015-04-18 23.09.38

You get the kind of person you want, and you end up messing things up
You say you love him/her but your actions speaks differently
Things you did before you got him/her, you stopped
And you expect them to stay when you change,
You hide behind that saying; “I want someone who would stay with me no matter how hard it is”
Hell yeah!! All you think about is you!
You! You! You!
Do you even think about her/him?
I guess not

Guys, if you love her and do everything to please her, and try to restrain yourself from cheating when other girls are all over you and you still do things you used to do when you wanted to get her, trying to make everything new like when you first realised you wanted her and she still doesn’t appreciate this and doesn’t care. I’ll give you one advice, don’t waste your time. Save yourself the stress and pain. You’ll have to let go, sometimes we meet to part or part to meet again. If she doesn’t appreciate you… trust me someone else will.

Ladies, when he gets you and keeps saying “I love you” without showing it like he used too, trust me you don’t need him. Most times, we cry so hard when things aren’t the same anymore and keep thinking it is our fault things went wrong one way or the other, even when you keep trying to get things back to the

way things were. Hey honey, you need to wake up and quit putting all the blame on yourself. Stop making excuses for the dumbass/asshole that doesn’t appreciate your efforts or doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Yeah it’s unfair when he works his way to your heart and ends up smashing it into pieces and you keep asking yourself “what did I do to deserve this?” Look sweetie, that’s life for you, no matter how hard you try to be good to people, some will still hurt you even the ones you love.

Sometimes the things you think you have the power to change don’t want to be changed. When you try so hard to work things out between him/her and they are not trying, leave them… its hard I know, but you have to let go of someone who isn’t willing. You shouldn’t be sad all the time just because of love… love doesn’t hurt you or make you unhappy it’s the people we love that do that to us. Someone will definitely come along and treat you like the king/queen you are. It’s not the end of the world if someone breaks your heart, pain don’t last forever. God will make you smile one way or the other. Believe me

As for you heartless assholesssss, some of you didn’t mean to end up that way and some of you are naturally assholes, you’ve gotta change your ways. You might think you’ll get away with everything you have done to others, don’t be too sure about that. Karma works in ways you don’t expect and when it gets hold of you, the consequence will be so bad. It might not happen now but sooner or later it would. I pray it’s not too late before you realise.

With love from Ola💋xoxo