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The one that gives you no peace
No sleep
Always threatening to leave
The child that does as it pleases
That one who must be pampered
Your mysterious child
A born wanderer
I refuse to be trapped in one world
Why do you disrupt my journeys?
My slipping in and out of worlds
Worlds you do not know about
I meet your myths
I wine and dine with your imaginations
I am Abiku

The marked offspring
To be recognised, the minute I return
The herbalist made you think that would stop me
But I, Abiku will not give him that satisfaction
I come and go as I please
With my secrets buried at unknown places
Deep down mother Earth
Not to be found by anyone
I refuse to be trapped
My world is enough for me
My mates await
They keep calling
Asking when I would be back
Dear Mother,
I do not wish to stress you
But the creator chooses to keep sending me back
I cannot disobey him but I’ll keep making my entrance and exit
Till he decides to replace me
I am Abiku
Your love child
The traveller
Always looking forward to the next adventure
The kind you only experience in your dreams

Muhsinat Kamardeen