Protocol…The famous excuse

Protocol! Protocol!! Protocol!!!
Arguments, Debates, Speeches
In between a few drinks,
Even the walls are tired of your dialogues
Petitions signed
Campaigns carried out
To no avail
Papers forwarded, Papers rejected
You sit in your comfortable chairs and thanks to Mr. A.C, feeling no sweat
Taking no actual step
More arguments, No conclusions
While children and adults wait for the next destruction that is about to befall them

Just waiting,sitting patiently for their not too strange visitor— Mr. Death
How do you even sleep at night?
Oh! I forgot, you watch rather than live and feel the moments with these people
Explosions, blood, blasts, tears, pains, agony
Blown-up bodies
No peace
No sleep
Claiming to be worried, when no steps are taken
Words speaking louder than actions
By the one who owns my soul, if you had something to gain
From the race about to be erased
You would murder protocol
Cross the seven seas and even kill monsters just to stop the chaos
All it takes is to say ‘Damn this protocol, lets make an exception’

                                                                                                 Muhsinat Kamardeen


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