Self Esteem/Respect

Some of us have issues when it comes to believing in ourselves and in the process, we ignore or kill our abilities to do certain things. We all hear lectures every time on how to be the best we can be, boost our self-esteem, try out a lot of things and not quit due to few downfalls etc but do we even act on these things we hear. Trust me, always having this “I don’t think i’ll do well enough in this or that/i’m afraid i’ll mess up/i think the other person is better/ i’m not good enough blah blah blah” idea stuck in your head won’t make u any better. you’ll still be in the same position without moving..No changes..Do you really want that?? Ask yourself.. If certain people keep telling you they don’t think you are good enough, you can’t do better blah blah and other BS… Excuse my language but who the hell are they to tell you that and fill your head with such rubbish and by the why are you keeping negative people like that around you?? You don’t need people like that in your life. You don’t need any form of negativity from people who aren’t perfect themselves. YOU DONT HAVE TO LIVE BY OTHER PEOPLE’S STANDARDS!!! Create yours and live by it. You’re human.. Not made to be be perfect or act perfectly.. You’re meant to build yourself into something better n better everyday.. Its not going to be easy but trust me you’ll get thru it. Dress well, look your best, put a smile on that face, do what you can, try new things and improve on what you already know. You grow everyday, don’t stay

stagnant it doesn’t help in anyway. RESPECT AND TRUST yourself enough to know that u re going to succeed in things you do.. Although you might not succeed the very first time but have it in mind that we fail to get better and NOT TO QUIT. RESPECT yourself enough not to let anyone drag you around like a piece of trash.. Don’t let anyone walk all over you because they think they are better.

However, at the same time don’t over do it/dont try too hard. In other to avoid embarrassments, before you do certain things ask reasonable people (and when i say reasonable i mean reasonable not negative thinking people or people that’ll will downgrade you without helping you to get better at what you are asking them about) for opinions and feedbacks. Know your strength and weaknesses, speak to people u can trust/rely on (i mean people who would give you good and honest advise not fake friends who will make fun of you or make you feel bad)… Most importantly WORK ON YOU.. Love urself and be proud of you..No one’s gonna love you better than you and the one who created you.

With love from Ola💋 xoxo


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