The Human Punching Bag

He brings you flowers and gifts to make you overlook the pain and you think he loves you after that thorough beating and abuse. Telling you he is sorry and it was the devil’s fault. LOL. Trust me if the devil could give him a dirty slap for that lie his face won’t remain the same. Girllll wake the hell up from that dream and recover from that illness you call love. This isn’t love! Do you look like a punching bag or have the characteristics of one? Listen, if that asshole needs something to punch on why not take his stupid ass to the gym or find someone his size?. Are you a garden or planning to start one? Let him keep his damn flowers!

It might put a smile on your face but flowers don’t heal pain. If you die trust me you’ll get more than enough flowers that’ll last you a death time. He might shed a tear or two that he lost his “dear punching bag” but thats about it, he’ll move on. Babe don’t get it twisted if you think that car he bought you would be parked on your grave or you’ll ride it to meet your maker you are in denial. He kips hitting you countless times but you are still in love (or whatever trance you are yet to snap out of), You make him happy more than yourself but he still beats you up and never appreciates.Are you a drum? Why must you be beaten? 

Ride or die chic my ass! You are dying more than you are riding. He gives you the bullshit speech on how you are not-so-good-enough like he didnt know what he was going for before he asked you out. He says you are useless and all sorts but he doesn’t leave you to find someone else, can you see this mad man has a serious problem. Some guys and their shenanigans! How long will you keep letting him get away with the stupid “Devil made me do it” stunt he pulls? Don’t let no one do you like that. Whatever his excuse is, once might be claimed to be a mistake but after that if beatings become your good morning/night kiss/daily meal you should pack your bagssss and say BYE. Don’t let him intimidate you or shut you down u are no Laptop, you are human. You are constantly saying sorry even when you don’t know what offence you committed (that’s if you even did something wrong). SORRY THIS/ SORRY THAT, can you even explain why you are sorry??? For stating your opinion?? Talk to your legs, get away from that animal before he rips you to pieces and DONT LOOK BACK!

There are more than one million people on this earth why let one lowlife ruin you? How long will you keep telling lies people and yourself/making excuses for him? You walked into the door yesterday, slipped down the stairs last week, walked into a moving bus this morning.. Really? Girlll STOP!!!! and GET HELP BEFORE YOU’RE HELPED INTO YOUR GRAVE!!!
You are no one’s puppet, don’t let anyone control when you should be happy or sad. You have so much to achieve so if this relationSHIP is only hurting please like they say abandon the useless SHIP!
To those idiots that think beating up your woman makes her recognise you are the man of the house I pray for you a slow and painful death, sure you’ll be happy to show your fighting prowess to the devils in the hell you belong. If you think raising your hand to strike a woman makes you a man you are in serious denial. You are an animal in human skin that belongs in the forest ‘cos the zoo management won’t even have you!!!.

NB: Don’t let your voice be killed. Speak up and save yourself before you die a punching bag #saynotodomesticviolence

With love always from Ola💋 xoxo


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