On ‘Yolo Juliet’ and ‘Srsly Hamlet’ by Brett Wright & Courtney Carbone

Last week I stumbled upon this headlin2015-06-18 11.02.54e on Daily Mail ‘Yolo Juliet, Macbeth’s #killingit: Academics horrified at ‘dumbing down’ of Shakespeare…’ which, made me chuckle because never in dinosaur years did I think anyone would do this to Shakespeare’s work. I mean, books have been simplified and are still getting simplified but not to the Emoji level. In order to see what the fuss was about I bought two (‘Yolo Juliet’ & ‘Srsly Hamlet’) out of the four books (as the other two are to be released next year in January). While some have had heart attacks over the publication of these books, I on the other hand found them amusing and unique.

2015-06-18 11.22.31

My Thoughts

  • The books are cute and from the pictures you can see that the layout of the pages is made to resemble that of a phone.
  • This emoji-fied (not a word but suits the purpose) version was quite intriguing and for those not too versed in emojiology (again, not a word) or slangs the authors were kind enough to make a list of what each emoji and slang stands for at the back of the book.
  • Some characters were omitted—the ones without smartphones— and a few tweaks were made but this does not affect the story.
  • Creativity is all I see and not insults or ‘an absolute atrocity’—as one commentator termed it— to English Literature.
  • As a former English Literature student, I understand the difficulty some might face reading Shakespeare and how tasking it can be but these books made it so easy to comprehend.
  • I’m not saying students should read them for exams or this was made for schoolrooms but reading this, as a preamble to the original text would really help.
  • I believe younger generations are likely to pick this up to get an idea of what the original text is about.
  • I don’t think this is a bad idea. After all, we all learn and grasp things differently.

2015-06-18 11.27.17*Kindle Versions are available on Amazon.

P.S: For those who think the authors committed literal atrocities by publishing these books, life is never that serious. This is one person’s point of view; feel free to disagree.

With Love from Ola💋xoxo


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