Some Of My Faves

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Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is a classic  and personally I believe it’s a book anyone can pick up and enjoy. It is one of the topmost books that made me fall in love with African Literature. The characters felt real and relatable especially if you are of Nigerian descent because this could have been the story of your ancestors. The novel was memorable due to the wide use of proverbs and folktales, traditional songs, elements of superstitions that were interwoven into the story.

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For Chimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus, if you haven’t read this you need to asap!! It’s an interesting read and trust me you won’t regret it. An intriguing story that unfolds through the eyes of a young girl, which evoked various emotions. Of all her books I still rate this one the best.

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If you enjoy a bit of fantasy or magical realism, then Ben Okri’s Famished Road is the one to go for. The story is told by a young child (an Abiku) from the spiritual realm, who decided to stay on earth but still wanders  to the unknown. Let your higher mind take flight as you glide through the pages and follow him on his journey.

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Termed’…one of the great achievements of African Literature.’ by William Boyd, Ken Saro Wiwa’s Soza Boy is another favourite of mine. It’s written in broken English (or pidgin English as some may like to term it) but understandable. The story revolves around the life of a young man, who becomes a soldier and his experiences of love and war.

With Love From Ola💋xoxo


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