Life x Fast Journeys

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Lesson 1: The quick way isn’t necessarily the easy way.

… So the journey began, as usual I consulted the oracle (Google Map) before and during my journey but didn’t look properly to the figure out the glaring divination. All I wanted was a fast journey, which led to jumping on the C2C to London Fenchurch Street (Who doesn’t love fast trains? You should see the struggle from Barking Station to West Ham on weekday mornings) falling for the 3 stops business ignoring the fact that I still needed a bus ride to top that (this bus ride would end up taking me past Liverpool Street Station, I felt stupid!) when I could have just endured 11 stops on the Hammersmith and City Line to Liverpool Street Station then take a short walk to my destination (There was even a shortcut to reduce the walking distance! I found out after work). People close to me know that I don’t enjoy sitting on the train/tube or bus (that’s even worse especially if your destination is far and it’s just you with nothing to pass the time) for long. As silly as it may sound I enjoy long car rides but would jump on 10 different trains/lines to get to one place because in my head it’s quicker (seriously you can drive me for hours & I wouldn’t be bothered… hmm scratch that, nature & hunger could interfere).

Lesson 2: Paying attention is key!

I had to find this place that Mr. A said would be on P Street. Sometimes if you are not careful Google Map will turn you into a disciple—not the Bible kind but an aimless one especially if the people you make enquires from act like the place you’re searching for is a new invention even though they’ve probably worked or lived there for years. You can’t blame them, there are people who have lived in an area for over three years and still don’t know their neighbors’ name or even the name of the next street. It’s London, things happen.

Lesson 3: High expectations will leave you heartbroken

You see, high expectation is a problem, which is why most of us end up stressing and wasting precious time searching for the wrong things. This building I was meant to be at by 10am was an old one with crawlies covering half of it’s name screaming ‘get these things off me please!’ but like the Joseph <the dreamer> that I was I didn’t want to believe that was the building, so instead of checking for the name of the office on one of the many buzzers at the entrance like the email said, I crossed over to the other side hoping this building, which looked like an architectural work made in heaven was the one (I exaggerate but seriously it looked nice). It had just one buzzer (not ‘one of many’ as stated in the email) and after a short battle of press and leave the buzzer so you can come in—I was paying so much attention to the buzzer I didn’t notice the stretching receptionist motioning and mouthing the word ‘push’—between I and the receptionist at the control desk, I went in smiling then apologized. ‘No worries’ she said. I showed her the email I was sent and postcode to which she replied ‘This is not the building’ but offered to help me check using Mr. Google Map. Turning the face of the monitor slightly at me, ‘Hmmm it shows that you’re in the right area, so it’s somewhere around here’ (If only she had double clicked to zoom in <the same mistake I made> we would have seen that the building was right in our face). Off I went again in search of this building, I even called the office thrice but no one picked up so I was stuck with Uncle Google Map who tried to help under the light showers of rain. I retraced my tired steps (having zoomed in this time) to the red wannabe exclamation mark that pinpoints your destination. That was when I saw half of the building’s name. I was pissed at the crawlies for making me go through unnecessary stress (I refuse to blame myself!). On the bright side, I enjoyed working there because it wasn’t so uptight like I thought it would be. Looking at the other building as I made my way to Liverpool Street Station I thought to myself I might not have enjoyed working at the other building. Just because something looks nice doesn’t mean it’ll be good for you. You might call this a consolation, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t but yeah there’s more to life than greener grasses on the other side. Add coloring to your own grass if it’s not green enough for you! As for fast & deceitful journeys I say Nunca Mas (Never Again).

<Ah I lie! I know I’ll fall for it again> Hopefully not!

*Whistling Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Judge Me’*

With Love From Ola💋xoxo


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