Papa Married A New Wife

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Papa married a new wife
We welcomed her
Strained smiles
Inner frowns
We scurried to our mothers
Questions danced in our eyes
They understood the dance
Their bodies vibrated to anger’s beats
They could have spat fire like Sango
Instead, they patted our heads and said calmly
“Do as you are told.”
And before we could dig more
They dismissed us.
We heard whispers;
‘Our husband is the perfect example of one that goes to the market without eyes.’
Cooed Number 3
‘Look at the thing he brought home! She looks like a maid!’
Smirked Number 4
With folded arms, Number 2 cackled
‘Whatever sweet seeds have been sowed in her cocoyam leaf ears would turn sour by the time we finish with her.’
With twisted mouth

Number 1 lets out a long hiss
We watched rage and envy unpack
Papa married a new wife
Let the drama begin!
My friends bought new houses
I did too
I think one of them married another wife
I can’t remember but it doesn’t matter
I needed something new
A new face
A new mortar for my agile pestle
So I got a new wife
My grandfather,
Bless his soul
Had twenty
My father
So what is five compared to that?
They’ll have to bond
Whether they like it or not
Their anger?
That can be ignored
As the head of this house,
They have to love what I love
Or do they expect me to return her?
My excuse for a new one?
I told you earlier I wanted something new
Or maybe because
1 to 4 slacked in their duties
The presence of 5 would ruffle their feathers
The hustle will begin
Just to please me
And be on my good side
I married a new wife
Let the competition begin!
Muhsinat Kamardeen

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