My Queen (by Rasheed Ige)

My Queen cannot be found on POF,

she cannot be found on Tinder

she cannot be found on sites that require her to

sell her looks for the swipe of a finger.


My Queen is working on her future,

she’s reading up on the past,

she’s not looking for a quick fix,

but for a love that’ll last.

My Queen is not in a hurry to find me

because she knows the time will be right

when I finally come to find her,

she’ll be ready to be my wife.

My Queen is a beautiful black muslimah,

Hijabi but her swag is fly,

We’ll take trips to Africa and Makkah,

We might just stop at Dubai.


My Queen knows the meaning of true love

and my mother has taught me how to love her

There is no marrying this Queen though

without a tough talk with

her brother,


mother and sisters

She’ll be worth every sweat though

when she’s my Mrs. and I’m her Mr.

Rasheed Ige


To see more of Rasheed’s work click here


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