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“Some are rule followers & some are rule breakers”

As I read that line over and overmy mind wandered to Faith who decided to follow her fate. I was annoyed when she decided to leave and start afresh somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against fresh starts but I wasn’t happy with the way she went about it. Faith was more of a rule breaker than follower. She was that square peg in every round peg family. So when Faith’s family took it upon themselves to lose their voice, telling her to stay because she knows nothing about the world, I knew it was a waste of time. They had the inkling too but still, they tried. Her mind was made up. She had to leave. Listen to your parents wasn’t one of her best mantras. Her decision may yield the best fruits—I hope, but I still feel she should have listened and stayed.

Some of us are rule followers. Some are rule breakers. I hope the latter really favors her because I’ll be mad if it doesn’t. It might seem like the wrong way to me but we were made for different paths. Who am I to say the path she walks towards her destiny is the wrong one? All I can do is silently pray and watch, hoping her end justifies her means. She calls sometimes to say she’s all right, and I really hope she is.



Muhsinat Kamardeen