Sunday Thoughts:Be Careful What You Pray For…




I shake my head when I hear things like I pray God gives me a man/woman like my father/mother or God let me be like so and so. The inability to see beyond the surface of things we ask for can sometimes have damaging consequences. We fail to acknowledge the fact that people/things are not always who/what they seem to be. I read a story on Instagram the other day. This lady had been praying for a man like her father, only to find out that Mr Daddy is not the sort of man she should’ve been asking God for.

Personally, I believe people need to learn to ask differently from God and stop using other people’s lives or lifestyle as a yardstick when requesting from God or wishing for a better situation. The example you keep using as a prayer point might be the beginning of your downfall.

Although I believe in destiny, there are times when we unknowingly draw misfortune towards ourselves. Some of us make the mistake of saying I tap into so and so blessing, without an inkling of whether you are tapping into rubbish or not. I believe, we all have different paths and different capabilities when it comes to bearing burdens. When you ask God to bless you like so and so you have no idea of their respective battles or whether you’d be able to walk two steps in their shoes or have the back to bear their unseen burdens.

When your answered prayers start giving you problems or comes with an unbearable burden, you forget it was what you constantly asked for that was given to you. Pray intensely for yourself without having to include God bless me like so and so. Learn to break down your prayers, what you want and how you want it. For example, if you’re praying for success, say something like Oh Lord guide my steps, lead me towards things that’d be beneficial for me and result in my breakthrough. Bless my hands and entire being. Let your grace find me as I strive hard. Bless my path and don’t let my helpers pass me by.

God is not tired of listening to you. Stop the shortcut prayers!

Just stop!



With Love From Ola 💋 xoxo


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