Laughing Gas


People had different names for what was wrong with her husband and how he behaved.
In high spirits. No
But high on bottles of spirits.
He was battling with something, his own demons maybe.
Talking was no use
He spoke with his fists and eyes.
I didn’t help her situation that evening.
If only she had told me beforehand,
I wouldn’t have tried to lock her door to stop him from coming in.
I glanced back at her, hoping she would join me.
She didn’t.
She just stood by her bed.
The cloak of fear wrapped around her did nothing to stop the shivering.
I tried to lock the door but for some reason, the key wouldn’t turn
He was shouting
I couldn’t hear what
He went silent
I was still trying my luck with the key
My body pushing from behind
He was stronger, pushed his way through.
It was unexpected,
just like the slap that landed. Continue reading



I passed by a graveyard today
And it made me think
One day
I would be six feet under
Remembered by some, all or none
That space
Widened or suffocating, If Allah wills
I passed by a graveyard today
Wet eyed
If my time came now
How well would I do before my Lord?
What would be my condition?
Just me
Six feet under…

                            “Every soul shall taste death… [Surah Al ‘Imran, 3:185] ”
                                                                               Muhsinat Kamardeen