On Broken Glass by Alain Mabanckou

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“… Broken Glass, and when the sky is too blue, like that, you have to remember that one day something might come along and turn it grey, if the sun shines too brightly it can kill your love…” Continue reading


Book Review With Book Bae Mahmoudat

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“… Death as a concept is not special. Its ordinariness is, in fact, amusing.”- Ayo Sogunro

The Book

It is a collection of 14 short stories accompanied with poems before each chapter. The book revolves around societal injustices, corruption and explores how it is embedded in the Nigerian society. The stories move seamlessly between recurring issues from upheavals in Nigerian politics to troubles faced on daily basis and their damaging consequences. Continue reading

First Born Problems 😅

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‘OluwaTaaaaadeeeee Anjolaaa’

Whenever Mama Tade called his full name, he automatically knew there was problem.

‘What have I done again?’ He muttered as he reluctantly made his way to the sitting room to meet her. She just came back and was already screaming his name.

‘Good Afternoon Mummy’ he said from a distance, making sure he wasn’t too close to her. He smelled trouble. Tade looked around, scratching his right arm unconsciously like he always did when he felt uneasy.

‘Why is this place like this? Do you want to kill me?’ She said pointing at the toys and books on the floor as she dropped her bag on the settee closest to her.

‘I didn’t do—‘ He began to say staring at the mess on the floor but was interrupted by his mother. The look on her face and her tone has impatience smeared all over it.

‘You didn’t do what? Didn’t I tell you to watch over your sisters?’ He could swear she was starting to vibrate, which was not a good sign.

‘ I did. I just went—’

‘Come here’ she beckoned with her hand, moving closer to him as he moved back.

‘But mummy I—’ Continue reading

Currently Reading: The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and other Sorry Tales by Ayo Sogunro

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So a friend recommended this book to me by Ayo Sogunro and so far it’s been intriguing and great. Just decided to share this with you guys and other possible book lovers & I might do a review on it. Be on the look out!😉

With Love from Ola💋 xoxo

Book Review: ‘The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives’ by Lola Shoneyin

My Collection

A collab with +Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba

“Men are like yam. You cut them how you like…”

Brief Insight
The story revolves around a man(Mr Alao), his four wives and children. As the head of the family, he thinks he has everything under control as long as he provides for his family and does the necessary but he couldn’t see past his nose and was in for a very shocking surprise. The writer gives a view of what goes on in an average Nigerian polygamous family. For example; The way the man (the breadwinner) is given special treatment as the head of the family, the importance of children in African culture, hierarchy amongst wives and the secret dislike/jealousy they have for each other, ganging up if they feel threatened by a common enemy, and each with their secret motive. Written in third and first person narrative, the story flows so well and does not alienate the reader. Along the line you develop a kind of personal connection with the characters as they relate their story and share their deepest secrets with you.

Continue reading